Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Fall Wishlist

Fall Wishlist

1: I am still on the hunt for a great pair of leather leggings, I have been really picky on the fabric and fit because I would never want to be walking around looking like I’m wearing trash bags on my legs. Maybe these Madewell ones will be the perfect fit. The leather has a good sheen and I like the thick waistband at the top.  

2+3: The two tops I included are made up of two of my favorite things: {lace + polka dots}. I used to not like polka dots and then wham one day I just couldn't stop buying them and this love affair has continued to stay strong. I like how small and simple the dots are on the tan sweater. I love the lace top from Zara because of the color and the high neck. I like to utilize high neck tops a lot to showcase big statement necklaces.

4: Ripped jeans: are they taking you back to 7th 8th grade? Well I don’t know about you but I rocked a pair of ripped holey jeans well into college and sad to say they finally had to be thrown away due to too many holes in them. Well I am determined to buy another pair and wear them until I rip all the holes again. I don’t know why but I have always loved them even if they aren't technically in style anymore.

5: I love these booties by Kristin Cavallari. I prefer them in the tan color but was unable to find a great picture of them to show how perfect the heel is. That gold heel gets me every time. I love them and I really think I need them.

6: I absolutely love this gold bracelet. I know statement necklaces have been all the rage but I think statement bracelets are been getting overlooked and this one is quite the looker if you ask me! It is dainty and eye catching at the same time. 

7: The one color that I have really started to be obsessed with is the deep wine red also being called {oxblood}. I have it on my fingers right now and I find myself staring at it on a regular basis because I love the color so much! I am hoping to find a coat in the color soon but haven’t had any luck thus far.

8: This studded bag is hopefully being brought to me by Santa Clause…Aka Mom and Dad hint hint! I can’t get over the color and the brass studs: classic meets edgy, I love it.

Well there you have it, some of the things I have my eye on for my fall/winter wardrobe. What are some trends or things you all are looking for this season?

Friday, July 12, 2013

Countdown to Queen Bey

That's right, me and 10 of my friends get to be in the presence of the one, the only, the Queen Beyonce. We are taking over Nashville and I could not be more excited. I know, I know, I took a mini hiatus from quinntessential but now I'm back and I'm starting things off with a bang: BEYONCE! Have you noticed that my friends and I really love themes? Well the Beyonce concert is no exception and yes we are definitely dressing up. Our inspiration of course being all things Beyonce. Below I put together a few outfits that my friends and I will be sporting while we sing and dance our bootylicious single lady butts off. Stay tuned to see real pictures from the concert next week!

Queen Bey

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Go Baby Go

{It's All About the Hat}

In honor of this wonderful weekend that is quickly approaching I decided to stop ignoring my blog and start to post again. I was lucky and trusted enough to make my friend Katie Kiper's hat last night and it really got me in the mood for all things Derby! All you local natives in Louisville know how crazy this week is and especially how nuts the women are for their hats. We were brave and ventured to Dee's Crafts last night to start our "mission hat". It was crazy, I'm talking women fighting over $14.95 flowers and $9.00 feathers. I almost felt like it was do or die, luckily Katie wanted pretty simple colors of navy, whites, and pink. I was overly excited with the task that I completely forgot to take pictures of the process. In the end I think it turned out pretty fab and I am considering quitting my day job to solely make hats because it was just that much fun!!!!! The greatest part of all was that we were copying a hat that was sold at Dee's for a whopping $200 and we managed to make Katie's for a steal at $60!!! Happy Derby week everyone!!! 

Friday, March 22, 2013

Fridays 5ive

{My Favorite Color: GOLD}

What can I say, my favorite color is {gold}. I can't help it, I literally gravitate to everything coated in this fancy and fabulous color. Ever since a young age I have always loved gold hoops and accessories, I think I get that from my Momma. Today's {Fridays 5ive} was inspired by this lovely color and I hope you enjoy my favorite picks. My birthday is coming up and I am hoping my family members are paying attention; hint hint wink wink mom and dad! If you haven't had enough of me yet today, scoot on over to my friend Katie's blog:  Blue Daisy Bugg for my very first guest post ever!

  • Chevron Glasses: I found these babies a few weeks ago via The Facebook from an ad that popped up on my news feed- first time I was ever happily surprised by an ad, but anyway I love them. I can't stop looking at them, I keep going back to them and wishing they were in my possession so I could drink out of them and feel extra fancy on a regular Monday night. Whats wrong with that? Check out the fab striped ones too here.
  • Schnauzer: A little back story on why I love schnauzers. I had one growing up; Shakespeare, he was the greatest and sweetest dog that ever existed. When I was adopted my parents picked me up in the Memphis, TN airport, while there they met a family that was from Lexington, KY that was also adopting a little girl that was on the same flight as little baby me. They decided they would stay life long friends so me and their daughter could have one another to lean on through our adoptions. Well they had schnauzers who then had puppies which is where we got Shakespeare. So I will always have a soft spot in my heart for Schnauzers- and it defiantly helps that its GOLD! 
  • Gold Vase: How adorable is this white and gold vase? I love it, its simple but still makes a statement. I've been spoiled and been receiving a lot of pretty flowers lately so I've been on the look out for a new vase to display them in. I really love this one and am thinking of ordering it today!
  • Elephant Love: Who doesn't love a great gold elephant? Well I do and I adore this print mainly because of the gold detailing. Make sure to check out the rest of the prints this shop has to offer: lots of beautiful things with touches of gold.
  • Gold Cheetah Pumps: Lastly, these shoes. THESE SHOES. Have you all seen the {Etta} pumps at J.Crew right now? I seriously die for every single pair. My friend Laura and I lust after them on the regular. We can't get over the perfect prints and patterns. I love these ones, they are sophisticated fun with that fancy flare of gold. 

Those are my 5ive obsessions of {Gold} right now. I hope everyone had a wonderful week and an even better weekend!! Thanks for always stopping by QUINNtessential, it means the world to me!

Friday, March 15, 2013

Friday's 5ive

{My First 5ive Favorite Things Post}

Happy Friday everyone!! My favorite day of the week should include my {5 Favorite Things}. I am going to be keeping up with this every Friday! I am pretty excited about this little addition to QUINNtessential and I hope you are too. To start things off I am going to showcase my most recent favorite 5 purchases. See below for all of the fantastic 5ive things!! 

1)      Forever21 Floral Top I love love love this top, I just recently bought it and thought it was a complete steal. It resembles the cut and style of a lot of tops from Zara at a fraction of the cost. It truly is amazing for only $20.00! The colors and print are fantastic for sunshine and spring weather.
2)      Sandals with Studs: I just ordered these adorable sandals this week and should be getting them in the mail today. I have been looking for a great sandal for quite some time now and was in love with not only the style: neutral with a touch of edge, but also the price! I had my eye on these  Steve Madden sandals but decided to go with the Zara ones because they were $30.00 cheaper- what can I say, this girl is on a budget.
3)      Fringe Clutch: I love this bag, the fringe and the coloring make me go bananas. It is perfect for any season and day or night. It truly is a stand out piece and I adore it.
4)      Candle: This has been my favorite candle for the past couple of months, I am about to buy my 3rd one. It smells so clean, fresh, and overall perfect. It is currently on sale at your local  Anthropologie for $10! I promise you won’t regret it.
5)      Sugar Passion: Last but surely not least is my all time favorite lip accessory, Fresh’s Sugar lip treatment. This stuff is a God sent, I have been obsessed since I got my samples of the original Sugar and Rose color for my birthday from Sephora. I have used up 3 mini’s and finally purchased a normal size one last night. I decided to try out the color Passion and I am passionately obsessed with it. The color is great and so is the way it makes your lips feel! Your lips will thank you if you buy this for them I swear!

There you have it, my 5ive favorite things right now. I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and let’s keep our fingers crossed it gets warm and stays that way! 

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Krazy for KSladeMade

Happy Wednesday!!! and a very HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY Birthday to my greatest friend Baili! Not only is Baili an amazing friend she also has always been 110% supportive of me and QUINNtessential. I don't know what I would do or where QUINNtessential would be without her love and support!
In hopes to bring some happy {Spring Time} thoughts to everyone's gloomy, snowy cold day I thought I would brag on my favorite purse maker Kelsea Slade. This girl is seriously going places! She is so talented and everything she makes is seriously {INCRED.IBLE}. I cannot stop bragging on her and her work; you can see my previous posts {herehere, & here,} I told you I had a major thing for this girl and her handmade bags. She has released some of her newest things and they are to.die.for. Enjoy and be sure to check out everything she has to offer on, you won't be sorry! All of her pieces are the ideal accessory to any Spring/Summer look! 

Friday, February 22, 2013

Luke Bryan

In honor of  the Luke Bryan concert that me and 7 of my girlfrands are going to I decided to do a post on what we are all wearing. That's right folks, my friends and I are wearing all "America" themed clothing tonight. Have you noticed how much we love themes? Live and breathe for them. I am actually sporting the white denim vest below and the tan American flag boots and I could not be more excited. I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and God Bless America and Country Music!!!

Luke Bryan